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Paul McCartney at his best

Posted by beetrootchesself on March 3, 2009

Such was (and still is) my love for the Beatles’ fabulous Revolver album, I’ve listened to this track more times than I can guess at. when I bought the Revolver album (perhaps seven years ago?), my particular delight in this song meant I sat and listened to it with guitar in hand to discern the chords. With some fascination I might add. The transitions are both wonderful and surprising.

I’m not a big music listener these days, but I’ve played this song countless times since, so I suspect – chordwise – that I’ve played this song fairly accurately. Which makes my cover a touch boring in my view, but at least I tried playing it on piano to make it a little different.

The song is a Paul McCartney number apparently inspired by the Beach Boys’ sensational God Only Knows. Not the only case where Brian Wilson inspired McCartney (and vice versa). Several sources suggest that Here There and Everywhere was rated as both John Lennon and Paul’s favourite Beatles song. Once again, McCartney’s mastery of juxtaposing unexpected combinations of chord sequences is a large part of the magic. That and a unique and wonderful melody.

Apart from a few stalling attempts when I wasn’t quite sure of the chords for the opening of the song, I got this down in one take. Due to the high pitch of some sections of the song, I probably should have tried it in a lower key, but I was thinking in guitar chords throughout (I’ve never really played this on piano much), so it was hard enough to get the chords right as it was. Another time, I might try this a little lower so I don’t have to strain to make the high notes. Still, aside from screwing up the final note, I’m fairly pleased with my vocal line and should be able to perform it better with practice (and maybe some voice coaching!).

Oh. And for the record, my wife listened to this and liked my vocals for once. She usually comments that I sing with strange pronunciation and in a voice that isn’t really my own. I can see what she means, but there seems to be little I can consciously do about it!

This is dedicated to a former (and highly committed) work colleague whom I happen to know also loves this song.


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