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About Me

I just quit my job as a mathematics teacher in an English secondary school. I have a love of mathematics and helping young people grow, but I find the shallow, exam-oriented education system a drag. I also enjoy all kinds of things you might imagine a mathematics teacher might be interested in:

Origami – particularly modular origami and the use of curved folds.

Puzzles – logical, mathematical and word puzzles of all varieties as well as computer puzzle games.

Boardgames and pencil and paper games – from the familiar Chess, Connect 4, Othello, etc. to Abalone, Gipf, Zertz, Dots and Boxes, Hex, Trax, Sprouts, Nim (and numerous variations thereof) …

3D Geometry including computer-modelling of polyhedra and curved-surface solids, ray-tracing, animation etc.

The following interests may be a little less expected of a typical mathematics teacher:

Music – playing piano, guitar and any other instrument I can lay my hands on. Composing, songwriting etc.

Spirituality – a little hard to describe my viewpoint succinctly!

I am also a husband and the father to two pre-school children – a boy and a girl – whose growing and learning never ceases to fill me with wonder and amazement.  Two is enough for me, though.

In addition to this, I am a vegetarian who is currently experimenting with an entirely vegan diet. As my favourite meals tend to be salad-based I am also curious of raw-foodists and am beginning to try some raw food recipes.



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